To visitors

Welcome to “Mogamigawa Funakudari Yoshitsune Roman Kanko,”

           ( Mogami River Boat Tours Yoshitsune Kanko )

which has been proudly placed in commission for 41 years.

 About Mogami Gawa Yoshitune Roman Kanko

・Boarding : Board at Takaya

    JR Rikusaisen Takaya Station

  (Program “Takaya Station” into your car navigation.)

・Type of boat : A Japanese-style boat for 50 people

  (There is a roof in case of rain and for winter time.)

・Guide : A boatman explains about the beautiful views and tourist sights and sings

    the “Mogami River Boatman’s song.”

  (An English guide is available to accompany you on the boat and we can answer your

     telephone inquiries in English.)



・Course : 60-minute trip downstream, stopping at the historical and cultural heritage site

    “Sennindo,” which is famous for the samurai, Minamoto no Yoshitsune and poet   Matsuo


  ( You can have meals on the boat. Refer to the fare list.)

・Sennindo : As shrine for health, happiness, a good career, love, dreams and matchmaking

    marriages. NHK BS Premium TV programs “Shin Nihon Hudoki” and “As ichi”

    and many other mass media have introduced this shrine. Some novels and children’s books are

    set in this place, which is familiar to many people all over Japan. Coffee made with spring water

  is very famous.

・Senchushoku : Meals are served on the boat. A Taiwanese model introduced traditional

    Japanese food culture to the world, the local cuisines “Juwari soba” (soba made with only soba

    buckwheat) and “imoni” (taro soup with meat and various vegetables). Both of them are

  extremely popular.

・No need for picking up your car : It is not necessary to pay for your car to be picked up because

    this is a round-trip tour. This is a very reasonably price and convenient.